Friday, August 29, 2008

Ask Roger - Yeah, Sure.

So, Everyone knows who Roger Ebert is, right?

Some people who I couldn't care less about got to ask him questions that were way too long and as one involved the legendary screening of Brown Bunny, and as it's new news - here it is, lo and behold...

Q: I didn't like the film Little Miss Sunshine at all, until my grandmother watched it after suffering a stroke last year. She'd lost almost all ability to communicate, but her mind was still sharp, and her non-verbal response to that film revealed an astonishing amount about the power of the medium. I was ashamed that I'd ever been so pedantic in my criticism.

You've mentioned watching City Lights outdoors in the Piazza San Marco in Venice as one of the great moviegoing experiences in your life. Have you ever had a great moviegoing experience with a film you didn't think was all that good? -- Chi Laughlin, Clyde, Ohio

A: Yes, but not in the sense you mean. It would have been the morning press screening at Cannes of Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny.Europeans are not shy about booing. Never have I heard so many boos, whistles, hoots and snorts. When anybody got up to leave, their chair snapped back with a pop. At times the theatre sounded like microwave popcorn. As you may know, I thought Gallo's re-edited version was significantly better.

If anyone wants to read the whole shebang, go to:

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