Friday, August 29, 2008

So, Why the Fuck Vincent Gallo?

I don't do blogs.

Why should I tell a lot of people I do not know and in many cases have no interest in ever meeting what my life looks like, why it suckes today or why it didn't? I have real friends.

Now that you don't like me, let me tell you that I did start off this blog because I want to create a collection of all things Vincent Gallo.

For myself and those interested. I won't start off putting together all the old stuff, but plan and intend to collect what happens from NOW ON.


Because I am a collector, that's why I do and enjoy.My choice fell on Vincent Gallo because, from all the actors I adore, like and sometimes think off while masturbating, he is the one most consistent in my life up to now.

So this is why it's him and if you like him or want to bitch about him, feel free to do so.


  1. wow, Mel, I like the idea...but i'm thinkin, what with it being so arbitrary and all - do you suppose you'll do another version, maybe tentatively entitled, "Why Harmony Korine" or "Why Britney Spears"...maybe a whole series? like the 33 1/3 record review books, only in blog format? Wasn't this blog also called Vincent Gallo's Christmas Sweater?

  2. Thanks for liking the idea :-)

    Actually, I have not planned on doing other blogs or a whole series - that would mean following to many people at once and it would probably also mean that I couldn't keep them all as updated and as loved as this one. Of course, if someone else wants to do a why... blog about someone they really like, I wouldn't mind, as long as it would sort of fit in with Vincent Gallo or independent stuff.

    And from there, take over the world ;-)

    Vincent Gallo's Christmas Sweater - I know that one, but it has nothing to do with me at all.



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