Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dear Mr Stein,

this is a response to your little comment on the Belvedere Vodka ad ( with Vincent Gallo.

The fact that you consider the ad to be "depressing" is a personal impression of your choice that cannot be discussed. I rather save depression for the really big things in life and don't waste it on ads I don't like (as there are plenty, Mr Stein.)

But did Gallo and Richardson become "silly parodies of themselves"? I am not sure about that one. The Gallo I see in this ad has nothing to do with how he is perceived in general (as the drunk party going guy who smashes paintings) by the public, so I don't see what exactly he is trying to parody so badly. The only reason why I consider it to be funny is the fact that Gallo has said several time that he does not drink any alcohol at all.

Gallo also never "concocted a whole movie around Chloe Sevigny giving him head" and everyone who has actually seen the movie knows that The Brown Bunny isn't as much about him getting a blow job as Planet of the Apes tries to be a documentary on the statue of liberty. I understand that it is easy not to like The Brown Bunny and call it boring or too slow or whatever, but anyone who has seen the movie and not only saw the billboard or the scandal it brought upon an ever so stuck up country should know better than it being about a blow job (even though the said blow job was VERY well done.)

Dear Mr Stein, I am sure a bit of research would help ;-)

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