Monday, September 8, 2008

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The city is buzzing with fashion so everyone has to go out to be seen. This also includs Vincent who had a good time this weekend AND finally made the inevitable comment on the Palin-Family.

You can read how Gallo lusts after the teenage Palin daughters (

Indie actor and proud Republican Vincent Gallo failed to shock and awe with his in-real-life blowjob scene with Chloe Sevigny in The Brown Bunny. But the scruffy about-town Gallo should be more discreet about what he says to people about how "hot" the Palin family daughters are. Our correspondent Molly Friedman ran into him at the Andres Serrano after-party last night:
Via Molly:
"Ever seen the younger one? Yeah, they're the best looking family I've ever seen," said Gallo. He said something about guns, so I asked, are you are you a Republican? He said "Yes." I said, "Why?" He said, "Why not?" I said, "I asked you first."He said, "Look, have you seen that Palin family? She is so hot. And her daughters are so hot." I said, "Which one, the pregnant one [Bristol, 17] or the younger one [Willow, 14]?" He said, "Both of them. They're the hottest family I've ever seen." I said, "So are you a pedophile?" And he said, "I've been called worse things."

Then he was one of the art lovers to celebrate Serrano:

Even at a civilized dinner party, bad boy artist Andres Serrano doesn't fail to shock. "I never thought I would work with s---," he deadpanned over his appetizer as he sat next to his gallerist, Yvon Lambert, at a fete in his honor at the Bowery Hotel Thursday night.But for his latest show at Lambert's Chelsea gallery, such scatological subject matter is exactly what Serrano focused on: the end product, if you will, of 66 different animals, including himself. The resulting large scale images have names like "Good S---," "Bad S---," and "Holy S---." "It first occurred to me when I was watching the nude wrestling scene in 'Borat'," explained the photographer, who is infamous for the 1987 work "Piss Christ," that sent the late Jesse Helms into apoplexies of rage.Given that controversy, it's slightly incongruous that one of Serrano's close friends at the dinner was Vincent Gallo—a self-proclaimed hard-core Republican. "John McCain invited me to go to the convention, but I couldn't attend since I had to work," said Gallo, who will instead be hitting the fashion shows of Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Rodarte while he's in New York. "I love [Sarah] Palin," he continued. "I think she's hot."

And someone was kind enough to take pics of him at the fashion show (more on getty, as you can guess form the ugly watermarks):

"Where's Waldo - eh, Vincent????"

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