Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Ugly Cunt - Palin family, Part II

So Vincent did of course not say that being paedophile isn't the worst thing. He even made a statement, declaring how things actually happened:

"The eavesdropping cunt Molly Friedman and her ugly, primitive mind invented her own view of my conversation. I was polite, casual, and spoke about how nice the Palin family unit was. I said the youngest daughter was so cute holding her baby brother. I was not and would never suggest I was sexually attracted to the Palin family daughters and I resent the whore Molly Friedman and Gawker for creating that spin. Let me remind the Gawker creeps that sex with minors is illegal and suggesting in any way that I am open for that is against the law, ugly, useless, rude, and small minded. The girl from New York Magazine has a tape of the entire conversation and I will shove it up Gawker's ass if they do not retract Molly's dishonest and ugly inventions. Fuck Gawker, fuck that ugly cunt Molly Friedman, and fuck all who have chimed in with their judgments, hate, resentments, and jealousy. I suggest you all read books, stay off the net, put down the chips and dips, and get in touch with what has made you so unhappy. For the record Molly, I will make you wish you were never born, you fucking cunt.
Regards,Vincent Gallo


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