Friday, January 2, 2009


We all know Gawker seems to hate our dear Vincent. Well, no problem with that. But with the New Year coming and all I decided to sum up the most funny and ridiculous things that our lovely Gawker has produced on Vincent Gallo so far just to make you all laugh (as much as I did).

September 16th, 2008

"Vincent Gallo lives in the building next to mine. My doorman says that Vinny constantly comes home so wrecked he can't find his own building, and insists he lives in my building."

June 8th 2005

Do you meet the following four qualifications?

1. Have three or four thousand dollars lying around.
2. Think Brown Bunny is brilliant.
3. Very much dislike Roger Ebert.
4. Enjoy having things on your wall that look like they have poo splattered all over them?

This should narrow it down to, oh, everybody! Sotheby's is auctioning off a Vincent Gallo "painting" that he "painted" in "June 1985." It's called One Memory, presumably a memory that involved much psilocybin. In its auction notes, Sotheby's warns that the "work is deliberately distressed, making proper condition analysis impossible." Which pretty sums up Vincent Gallo, when you think about it.

September 10th 2007

This weekend at the "Warhol Factory X Levi's By Damien Hirst" party at Gagosian Gallery, auteur and crazyman Vincent Gallo swooped in for a snuggle with slightly-former It Girl Genevieve Jones. Can you smell her fear? Can you smell his body?

March 6th 2007

Pompous sperm-selling auteur Vincent Gallo wasn't aware that he would be operating the craft services table at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater tonight apparently, as the comedians promised. A tipster informs us that the greasy Republican didn't approve of this use of his hallowed name. (Wonder how he found out?) "His assistant called the theatre saying Vicent was very upset and demanded an apology for being credited as such. Someone at the theatre apologized, allegedly saying they were sorry that Vincent Gallo doesn't have a sense of humor." Meouch!

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