Sunday, February 8, 2009

Picture Madness

So this is a long one - I have been seriously thinking about it and decided not to be a bitch.

The Book - Vincent Gallo 1962-1999 - I own it. I was looking for it from when it came out until last year and it is probably one of my most priced possessions ever since I was lucky enough to get it for a lot cheaper than I would have actually paid from someone on eBay.

Anyway - I know what it feels like to know it's out there, not to own it and to wonder what it looks like. However, as it is a priced possession for me, I can't make myself squash it onto a scanner because I know it will harm the binding. What I could do, however, was take some pics of it. I did not put watermarks on them because I don't like watermarks or stuff like that but I kindly ask you to at least link back here and say where you got them from if you want to repost them. If the quality allows it, of course feel free to turn them into icons, sigs or whatever you do with pics these days. ;-)


  1. Mel.

    I very much appreciate these photographs... thank you for sharing.

    Also. I was curious if you have any live Vincent Gallo material?
    I have the ATP concert, but i was curious if you have any others.
    If so maybe we could talk about them?
    my email is

    again thank you.

  2. can you post any more? What is the text like in the book?

  3. I can try and take some more pics, it's pretty hard to get decent ones without putting it on a scanner.

    As for the text: There is only an introduction (which I want to transcribe once I find the time to do so - I already planned on doing that but currently I feel like I'm always busy) written by Vincent and also a really short comment on each picture.

  4. You had better not read it or all of the pages will fall out. That's what happened to mine.
    Started coming apart after a few weeks. And I look after my books...


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