Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vincent Gallo's Shopping Advice

Seriously, I don't know where all these stories are coming from at the moment but as I want to collect them all, here is the newest piece of important "news" on Mr. Gallo.

Let me say that the mentioned wallet has been in Vincent's online shop for, like, ages, if I remember it right. So it's not really that brand new and everyone familiar with Gallo knows by now that he has some weird stuff to buy in his shop. Me, I am still saving up for that one night stand ;-)

If any of you have some money left, you can buy it right here:

Now for the story.

Blackbookmag ( has it that:

Vincent Gallo wants you to buy a wallet. Not just any wallet -- the Lucky Buck Lucky [Bleep] Wallet ($750). That’s a hefty price tag, but Gallo promises it will “open doors” and “garner respect,” but most importantly the wallet will “get you laid.” No word on whether it gets you a discount on Gallo's efforts to retail his own sperm.

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