Monday, March 23, 2009

Because it's being slow when it comes to news...

...I went do dig around on and found some new pics of Vincent :-) So, if you haven't seen them on the official site already anyway, here they are:

Anyone else holding their breaths until June 11th?


  1. bonsoir, i dont want to say anything negative, but i dont like this coppola and his cocky taughter either but im pretty sure vincent has done a good job ...

  2. I don't mind you saying that at all - I myself can't stand his daughter, but I do think he did some great (and some not so great) films. However, as you said, I am sure Vincent did a good job and am looking forward to seeing him in that film.

  3. sophie has a hideous lip structure. and everything she does is so cheesy. it must be horrible not being able to create some beauty to make up for her ugly self.

  4. what the hell are you talking about?!Do you guys know something bout movies at all?1.Coppola is a legendary director.
    2.His "daughter" made a name for herself already,remember,"Lost in translation"???it's a brilliant movie!I tend to think that there are a lot of people out there that think she's very talented
    ps:i'm a big fan of mr Gallo and he's alright but i recommend not to put FFC in the same bowl with Vincent because it's childish-i think Gallo himself would tell you that...
    take care and grow up


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