Saturday, March 7, 2009

H&M finally some pics

Now finally there are some pics (one pic) online from the campaign he did for H&M including Blackbook's opinion on those :) I think there will be more soon, so keep your eyes open.

Vincent Gallo joins Eva Herzigova and Shalom Harlow in a series of new ads for H&M. Outfitted in the Swedish mega-retailer’s Spring 2009 line, Gallo and the two supermodels pose alongside and, occasionally, inside oversized triangles, circles, and rectangles in a setting more befitting Old Navy Kids’ ads than H&M. But that’s not to say the demure ads aren’t stirring up their own bit of controversy.

Thanks to a new billboard featuring an image from the ad campaign on Lafayette Street in SoHo, passerby are raising the question of whether or not Herzigova and Harlow appear “too skinny.” While both models are surely stick-thin, there’s also the issue of H&M’s airbrushing them to the extent that their skinny-ness is partially the result of excessive tweaking, not the de rigueur model eating disorder. Check out this photo of Harlow and Gallo from the same campaign, for instance. Is it just me, or has some re-toucher done a very poor job of slimming down Harlow’s already extremely thin right thigh-to-knee region? (Not to mention Harlow’s left mid-calf region looks like it’s been poorly cut into as well.)


  1. Do you know where exactly in SoHo? Like Lafayette and what street? I live in New York and can easily go down and take a photo of the billboard.

  2. Sadly, I don't know where exactly but if I find out I'll let you know, it would be great to get some pics of the actual thing, thanks a lot for the offer.

    And may I mention that I totally envy you for living in NY?

  3. bonjour!
    j' aime ca.

  4. hi! i used your picture in my blog after i discovered that i WAS seeing it right, it indeed was vincent gallo in the h&m ad. you wrote a funny post.
    hope you don't mind me using the pic. thanks!


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