Saturday, April 4, 2009

RRIICCEE at the Sónar 2009

Thanks to an anonymous poster for the link :-)

RRIICCEE feat. Vincent Gallo
Sónar 2009 | 31.03.2009
Fetish actor from independent cinema and ocassional model, Vincent Gallo stands out from associates of his generation. His carisma and restlessness have lead him to go against the tide, writing and directing films (‘Buffalo 66’ and ‘The Brown Bunny’) forming part of a rap duo, developing a career as a fine artist and of course, recording an album, ‘When’, a whispering and mysterious electronic offering for the acclaimed English label Warp.

RRIICCEE is the latest musical movement from Vincent Gallo. Conceived in 2007 with the creator of Hole, Eric Erlanson, it is formed by an unusual band whose musical offering proposes improvisation from a new angle composing songs live and intending to avoid the tradicional concept and cliches of the jam session. At Sonar we will see how RRIICCEE, a trio formed by Gallo and the Haas twins Nikolas and Simon (brothers of the actor Lukas Haas) strictly compose their songs live and on the go, a work in process on stage of an uncertain end.


  1. Weird, cuz I saw recently that the RRIICCEE myspace page was reduced down to just "Vincent" as a member.

    Glad to hear some news though. I like Vincent's music more than any of his other work.

  2. Does anyone know what specific day he'll be playing in Barcelona?

  3. Theroux, I just posted all dates so far on the blog :)


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