Friday, May 8, 2009


Even though nobody can be sure WHO will be playing apart from Vincent (there is no information on their myspace at the moment apart from the fact that Vincent is in the band), RRIICCEE is on tour in June.

Here are the collected tour-dates. These come from various places all over the internet because I have not found a list yet. If you can, go and attend one of the shows. If you plan to go to Bern, let me know because I'll probably be there :-)

June 12th "ICA" London, England (sold out!)
June 14th "Paradiso" Amsterdam, Netherland
June 15th "Ancienne Belgique" Brussels, Belgium
June 16th "La Boule Noir" Paris , France
June 18th "Sonar Festival" Barcelona, Spain
June 19th "Galileo Galilei" Madrid, Spain (?)
June 24th "Villa Arconati " Milan, Italy
June 25th "Spazio 211" Turin, Italy
June 26th "Circolo degli Artisti" Rome, Italy
June 29th "Dampfzentrale" Bern, Switzerland
June 30th "Volksb├╝hne/Prater" Berlin, Germany


  1. No dates in June! The management: Due to RRIICCEE losing one of KEY musician we have to postpone current dates til September.» Which is catastrophe as we printed already the posters and so on.


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