Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tetro at Director's Fortnight in Cannes

Yes, that's true. But, apparently, Vincent Gallo is missing out on the Cannes-fun ;-)- no surprise to me.,news,coppola-returns-to-cannes-but-where-is-vincent-gallo

Gallo, the star of Coppola’s ‘Tetro’, was booed out of Cannes the last time he attended the festival in 2003 with his film ‘The Brown Bunny’

By Jack Bremer

The great Francis Ford Coppola, one of the few directors to have won the Palme d'Or twice (for The Conversation in 1974 and Apocalypse Now in 1979), has arrived in Cannes to open the 'director's fortnight' sidebar to the main festival with his new Argentinian-set film, Tetro.

He has in tow his Spanish leading lady, the lovely Maribel Verdu, best known for her starring roles in Y Tu mama Tambien and Pan's Labyrinth. In Tetro, Verdu takes the role of the wife of a washed up writer played by the New York actor Vincent Gallo.

However, there is no sign of Gallo in the Coppola party - for which there is a very good reason.

Gallo famously left Cannes with his tail between his legs in 2003 when a notorious road movie he directed and starred in was greeted with boos and catcalls by the festival audience. The Brown Bunny was famed for two reasons: (a) it was incredibly boring, due to interminable scenes of Gallo riding his motorbike across America, and (b) it climaxed with one of cinema's rare un-simulated sex scenes, in which Chloe Sevigny performed fellatio on Gallo.

A giant billboard for the film, showing Sevigny on her knees before the gaunt figure of Gallo, had to be taken down after it shocked Los Angeles. But not half as much as the film itself bored Cannes. Hundreds of members of the audience walked out while the remainder simply booed. Sevigny was reportedly reduced to tears and a humiliated Gallo went back to the cutting room.

There is a happy ending: after being cut by almost a quarter, The Brown Bunny was released and even found favour with the American critic Roger Ebert who had earlier called it the worst film in the history of Cannes.

How will Coppola's Tetro fare tonight? The omens are good, with some who have seen it saying Coppola is on magnificent form. We know what Coppola himself thinks: when someone stole a computer from his Buenos Aires studio containing the script for Tetro, he told Time magazine with a straight face: "The script was finished. It made Hamlet look like garbage."


  1. for the record: when 'the brown bunny' screened at cannes it had half the audience giving a standing ovation while the other have jeered.
    very similar to when antonioni screened 'l'aventura' and it also happened to renoir's 'rules of the game' when it opened in paris. now both are regarded as two of the greatest films ever made. i have no doubt that 'the brown bunny' will follow as it is very ahead of its time in its minimalism, sensitivity, use of isolation, and color pallet, so because of this it will stand up to being one of the better films of the last 30 years. i must go now because i think i hear pasolini screaming, "bravo!" from his grave. x

  2. The Brown Bunny is the best American film of the decade.
    I can't agree more in regards to the blogger above me.

    Pasolini is my favorite director.

  3. I totally agree with you guys and am happier than ever to have such a bunch of nice (and clever) people around here!

  4. the same here.Well i doubt it's the best American film of the decade but it's a truly underestimated gem.

  5. People are ridiculous. Nothing that people say when a movie comes out really matters. NOT to compare his work visually/contentwise AT ALL to Cassavetes, but in terms of acting in movies and using money to fund movies he directs and having an unreceptive and critical public; Gallo seems to have a somewhat similar experience (even down to recutting and showing a film before it was finished, etc.) NOW, everyone thinks Cassavettes is amazing on multiple levels. I have no doubt in my mind that overall outlooks and interpretations of his movies will be revised for the positive. There are a ton of 70s movies with retarded and extremely un-necessary and even more over the top sex scenes, the end of the Brown Bunny is really not that big of a deal.

    About Cannes, funny I was at a show in nyc over the weekend and this woman bragged to Thurston Moore that she just visited Vincent in LA. He asked how he was and then mentioned Cannes and that he was surprised that Vincent was not there/going. She then started to blather an explanation but I was on my way out of the room. Vincent needs to step it up a notch in the ladies department. That's all I gotta say.

  6. Nice to see such love for The Brown Bunny on here, i think in 10, 15 years time it will be seen as one of the best films of this decade, it's in my top 5 English language films of all time along with Roegs 'Bad Timing', Cassavetes' 'A Woman Under The Influence', Fonda's 'The Hired Hand' and Pollack's 'Bobby Deerfield'.

  7. you guys are all crazy! what is it that's so great about brown bunny? that it was so boring? that you think you're all art snobs?
    vincent gallo is a pedophile piece of garbage that spews hatred cuz he's horribly unhappy with himself.he's hit on several of my sisters friends (all under the age of 18!) that's the kind of guy you're rooting for???
    get a life you losers!!

  8. It's about the art, not about the guy. I still admire and like what Polanski did even though he fucked up in his life.

    Apart from that - rumours, probably bullshit.

    And about the "get a life thing" - darling, I'm not the one running around reading blogs and replying to blogs about people I don't like. Why is that? BECAUSE I have a life.

  9. Hahah... sometimes I think what Polanski did with a 13yr old was hot.

    It bums me out that Gallo hits on a lot of girls though, because it makes my moments with him - stares across a room - meaningless. The second time it happened I had no desire to talk to him because I realized that look is just something he does. It's sad, and I'm not special.


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