Saturday, June 20, 2009

Johnny 316

Probably everyone has already seen the trailer of this movie (of which I think it probably is pretty interesting but couldn't get my hands on so far). Anyway, a teaser (9 minutes) has appeared on youtube so, for your viewing pleasure, teaser and trailer.


  1. Happy to see the teaser available to watch again.

  2. I said this before. she speaks like a retard. and this movie is just really bad - the concept is crap. Tried to do something original, got it all wrong. What does he expect?

    Trying to put a top model to act? that was your mistake Erick Ifergan

  3. I wish I went and saw this the day after the RRIICCEE show here in Chicago in 2007. But it was super snowy and wintery/hard to get around.

  4. ahauhauaha... is This Some Sort of a JOKE?!


    ahuahauahua..give me a break. rriiccee band ..?

    oh god

  5. why there is no dvd of this ?
    seems so cool, wanna see it !

  6. i got mixed feelings. i like vincent and the other characters except the girl. i don´t know.
    holy men do have women, too. and holy men are forgiving and try to help. argh. i´d like to see the movie.

  7. The girl is crap. she ruined the movie!

    well done, that is what you get with supermodel obsession.

    now deal with it!

  8. what s up with the girl ?
    she is fine and the movie surely not the worst out there !
    gimme a DVD !
    Gesus Christ !

  9. you don't hire an actress to be just 'fine' in your movie! you should expect her to be spectacular. but yeah, not the worse out there considering with have The Brown Bunny now!

  10. you moron.

    The Brown Bunny is a fine, oh,hm, sorry, I mean "spectacular" movie.

  11. dammn, why there is no DVD, it s a SHAME, just saw the 9 min trailer and I just have to see it all !
    with all the crap out there it is just ridicoulous that there is no way of seeing this SPECTACULAR, VERY INTERESTING MASTERPIECE

  12. The only spectalular thing here it is me. However, I absolutely hate to state the obvious!

  13. I just want to watch it to see HIM, duh

    Personally I don't understand why ANYONE would be that ZEALOUS of GOD or any kind of religion AND/OR make a movie about someone like that.

  14. I don't understand too! Religion to me is poison, and I would only use the subject on my work to make people wake up from the danger that it represents to society. There is no God, the god is inside each one of us. I am God, you are God, we all have that power inside, people just don't use it.
    don't think I am explaining myself properly. but hey. watch the movie. It can't be that bad.

  15. Another thing, you just refrain from saying such a rude thing like

    'I just want to watch it to see HIM, duh'

    That's so rude and ignorant, sure you can't be that small minded..?

    take carexx

  16. the egg thing makes no sense. i mean he seems to buy the egg quite frequently. the shop owner could just have a box of 6 eggs reserved for "johnny" and give hime another egg from the same box, when he comes next. he could write "johnny" on the box or "johnnys eggs".


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