Monday, June 1, 2009

RRIICCEE Tour postponed until September

Yep. According to various sources and the site of the venue in Bern:

"Due to RRIICCEE losing a KEY musician we have to postpone the current dates until September."

This concerns the whole European tour. The new dates will be announced ASAP.


  1. This is another Vincent Gallo lie

  2. what is the lie?

  3. I bet the key member was Vincent. OR they weren't ready. He DOES have a lot going on in June already. Probably the worst timing imaginable.

  4. I'm not even sure that the Haas brothers are still involved, anyone have any info on the line up that was intending to tour Europe?

  5. I assume - and that is ASSUME - that he probably postponed the tour because they didn't sell enough tickets. I had tickets for Bern and got a call last week where they said that they changed it into a seated venue which means: Room for less people...maybe it just didn't make sense to come all the way to Europe for all those many gigs he had planned here if they weren's anywhere near to being sold out?

    Concerning the involvment of other musicians - all I know so far is that the myspace didn't say anything about anyone but Vincent Gallo. He once said that RRIICCEE was about him being the only real member playing with varying musicians in an interview.


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