Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rumors or true? New project might be ahead

So, this comes from a Blog-Entry based on information from the bio page on To me, the idea that just the name of the project with nothing else about it being known is enough to conclude he'll write direct and act in it is a bit hasty, but who knows? It would be great if it's true.

Vincent Gallo Directing New Film, 'Promises Written In The Water' For 2010?

Just earlier today we lamented the paucity of Vincent Gallo films, discussed his potential "retirement," wanted more original works from him and were emboldened by the recent discovery of four copyrighted projects of his, at least three of them appearing to be screenplays.

We asked/pleaded/speculated: could more films written and directed by the filmmaker be on the horizon possibly one day?

Well, something one of our astute readers just hipped us to that we totally missed.

On his bio page for Francis Ford Coppola's "Tetro," which Gallo stars in, there's mention of a new project scheduled for 2010 titled, "Promises Written In The Water," which distinctly sounds like he'll be writing and directing.

What's it about? No one seems to know anything about it other than the title, but we assume it wouldn't be on the his "Tetro" bio page if it wasn't something he was working on currently seeking finance for. In some shape or form, even if 2010 is wishful thinking (which it sometimes is these days when it comes to self-financing indie projects), the fact that's it on the map is a good sign to us. Hopefully that officially puts the "retirement," behind him (though as we noted, that sounded just like a good excuse to get out of a film).

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  1. hopefully more information is given in regards to this new project, if it is in fact true.


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