Monday, December 28, 2009

To Quote someone in the replies: "Whoa Israel!"

A new film, a new film a new film! What better christmas present (belated) could there be?

Dead Sea region doubling as Taliban home for new movie starring Vincent Gallo
By Nirit Anderman

American actor, director and screenwriter Vincent Gallo will portray a Taliban member in a film being shot around the Dead Sea by Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski, who once wrote the script for "Knife in the Water" with Roman Polanski.

Gallo arrived in Israel last week for the shooting of the film, called "The Essence of Killing." The plot follows the story of a Taliban member (Gallo) who lives in Afghanistan, kills three American soldiers and then is taken captive by the Americans. He is transferred to Europe for interrogation but manages to escape from his captors and becomes an escaped convict on a continent he does not know.

Gallo has appeared in Martin Scorsese's film "GoodFellas", Emir Kusturica's "Arizona Dream" and Francis Ford Coppola's, "Tetro," but he is mainly identified with indie American cinema, thanks to two films that he wrote, produced and starred in - "Buffalo 66" which participated in the official competition at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998, and "the Brown Bunny" which participated in the official competition at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

The film was received at the festival with loud cries of "boo" and created a stir because of its pornographic motifs.

Gallo is expected to remain in Israel until the end of shooting, at the beginning of January. After shooting in the Dead Sea area, the rest of the movie will be filmed in Norway and Poland. According to Mark Rosenbaum of Transfax Film Productions, who is providing the production services for the Israeli part of the film, two Israeli actors, Zach Cohen and Yiftach Ofir, will participate in "The Essence of Killing" and a third Israeli actor is currently being sought.

Skolimowski is best known for two scripts he wrote at the start of his career - one for Polish director Andrzej Wajda's classic film "Innocent Sorcerers" (1960) and "Knife in the Water" (1962) which was a candidate for the Best Foreign Film Oscar.

Last year, his film "Four Nights with Anna" was released after 17 years of gathering dust.


  1. I hope this isn't going to be one of those films that you never get the chance to see or buy on DVD, like half io the films on his IMDB profile. Any VG news is good news though.

  2. I wonder if Gallo will be tanning for the role.

  3. shit! set will take place in poland! gotta catch them.

  4. "skolimowski is best known for..."


    what about his first genius movies made in poland (64-67). one won the main rize at bergamo festival, other one was supposed to win grand frix at venice (unfortunately polish goverment decided to withdrawn the movie from the competition). what about couple of his foreign movies that won awards in cannes and berlin?

  5. How will they cover those beautiful, deep baby blue eyes?

  6. I was so excited when I first heard about this news. Not just because of Gallo, but because of Skolimowski, I absolutely *love* his films.

    And the pairing with Gallo, amazing. This will be a brilliant film, and if you know how Skolimowski works, you'll likewise be excited about this project.

    Although I doubt seeing this get a wide theatrical release, it will certainly travel film festivals around the world. Is it too late for a Cannes premiere?

  7. Essence of Killing has just had its last shooting day in Norway. And as I understoud, it's a wrap for the whole filming! I'm playing one of the soldiers hunnting for Vincent Gallo. Or to be correct, I've been hunting for Mr. Gallos 4 stand ins. Running is obviously too hard for him... I wasn't able to see too much of Gallos acting, the only thing I've seen is him looking confused in a couple of very short scenes where he was just by himself by the forest.

    I heard it have a confirmed Cannes premiere in May.

  8. It was a fun production in the woods in Norway, unfortunately we only got to witness Gallo in 2 scenes or so where he was hiding from a Hercules Helicopter. I was also one of the soldiers running through the woods on the hunt for Mohammad


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