Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Did you know?

I don't like lists. I really hate limiting down something like music to my personal top 5 or top whatever of the decade/year/day/summer whatever. I just know and love too many songs/albums or films to pick a few precious one without feeeling bad about leaving out at least 20 others. Anyway, everyone does their best of the decade lists now because it is the thing to do and according to metrotimes, a certain album is on their number 8.

What does it have to do with Vincent? Well, if you read their reason for picking that album, you'll know.

"PJ Harvey, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea (Island): The great Patti Smith pop-rock album that Patti never actually made. Who'd have ever thought we'd get a happy, almost celebratory love album from — of all people — PJ Harvey? (Of course, it wasn't long before she returned to a darkness that was deeper than the one she exhibited earlier in her career ... but maybe that's what happens when one falls in love with and writes an album in tribute to someone as seemingly creepy as Vincent Gallo.)"

I didn't know that and as news are slow, I thought I'd post it.



    this may be new to some.


  2. Thanks, will post it, it's a good one!

  3. Yeah they talk about this when he was on Stern a litle bit, but he completely denies ever being with her in that way, or that he allegedly inspired her music (specifically "Is This Love")

    She was living with him in LA at one point though,


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