Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merchandise + Vincent Gallo = Unique

Thanks to Scorpio Rising, a little story about the merchandise - a good one that doesn't only focus on sperm.

As there are so many pics coming along with the article (and the pics are really a vital part of the whole thing) I decided to only post the link here so you can all go and have a look:


  1. "Gallo is one smart cocktease" hu..could it be a kind of compliment ?
    everything sounds so strange.
    Mr Brown looks nice. And nice black velour jacket.
    Do you think one has to have 50 000 $ to come visit him at his hotel room ?
    Just asking.
    Because, you see, if he invited ? (the entire audience, right : but he invited)
    My mind is confused.


  3. I thought he hated Kenneth Anger? Or maybe not, since he made that movie with Bobby Beausoleil and has Manson connections kinda

  4. hello people, here's a new article telling what happens on set od essnece of killing. maybe someone here speak some polish :-)

  5. ok I cannot link anything. if someone's interested tell me how to do this.


  7. Was just randomly checking stuff out here when I stumbled upon this post. I went to this show with my cousin and gf then. Scrolling down, I all of a sudden saw a picture with me my cousin and gf in it! It's the one of the merch table with...damn, this was such a long time ago, and, oh my, I looked like someone who needed a hair cut

    1. That's the sometimes nice and sometimes not so nice thing about the internet - you basically never know, where you show up ;)


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