Thursday, January 21, 2010

Night of Pan

Sorry for posting this so belated but I've been (and still am) without internet most of the time.

Brian Butler's 'Night of Pan' with Kenneth Anger and Vincent Gallo gets L.A. premier at Projections festival

Filmmaker, artist and musician Brian Butler will premier his short film, “Night of Pan,” at the Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles on Jan. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the opening of Projections, a festival of rarely seen films by the likes of Spike Jonze, Harmony Korine, Jean-Luc Goddard and Miranda July. "Night of Pan" depicts Kenneth Anger, Vincent Gallo and the director himself performing a dark occult ritual that "symbolizes the stage of ego death in the process of spiritual attainment."

Projections was curated by Aaron Rose, co-curator of the successful museum exhibition (and book) "Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art & Street Culture," which toured the world through 2008. In addition to screening on Jan.16, “Night of Pan” will be screened in a loop at the gallery on Feb. 18.
Roberts & Tilton Gallery, 5801 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, Jan. 16 – Feb. 20

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Pictures and a preview can be seen there as well :-)


  1. Much regards for the update.

  2. Unrelated, I just realized....... Gallo's hair looks exceptionally insane esp with the beard. Now it makes sense he was growing it out for the Taliban role he is working on NOW. W/ his eyes and all that hair he can totally pull it off.

  3. I hope this makes it DVD.

  4. Brian Butler seems to have learn a lot from Kenneth Anger..especially in filming techniques. I don't know it's kind of very similar no ?


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