Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vincent in a new movie - is it any good?

According to like a million sources around the internet, Vincent Gallo will star in the indie flick "Loosies". Also linked to the project is Michael Madsen whom you might know from...well, nothing really (just kidding - he did do some movies and apparently was in "24" as well). 
The play, which evolves around a pickpocket in New York City who is confronted by a pregnant woman with whom he had a one night stand, was written by "that guy from Twilight" Peter Facinelly, who will also play a role in this masterpiece.

The plot sounds like it's either going to be one of those films Vincent only did for the money or, there might be at least a small amount of hope that it is sooooooo well done and so different and surreal (even though I have no clue how that plot would offer any of that...) that it's actually a good movie. 

Fingers. Crossed.


  1. Disregard the quality of the film.
    Vincent Gallo's performance (as in anything he's associated with) will be Classic.


    Short one.

  3. This is a message for old hand who wanted to know about Dutch magazine no.35.

    The seller got in touch with me and kindly me sent this:

    breaking up isn't hard to do

    a bit late but here we are.
    small picture attached and some words:
    the article is written in the usual funny, sarcastical gallo style:
    starts with: "on my fifth birthday, in 1967, along with two pairs of brown socks, i received a one dollar bill from my wonderful parents.
    boy, what gift givers they were." finishes with: " .... the album is called when and i hope you hear it and i hope you like it."

    between he is writing about his career and life as a musician, his favorite music, first records, his different bands, from school to later bands, his writing of film music
    (of his own films). about other musicians, about hip hop. he was in a band with jean-michel basquiat, the painter, i am just reading. wow, i didn't know that.

    that's it in short.

    thanks for your interest again, best regards

    Thanks again to Peter for taking the time to do this.


  4. This is to old hand again. I've just realized the article from Dutch magazine is this:



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