Sunday, August 29, 2010

Essential Killing - some pics

Some more pics/stills from Essential Killing - I personally don't like the beard too much but that is just my superficial, girly opinion. Klick on them to see them full size :)



    Can anyone get the trailer to work?

  2. ALSO- updated description:

    Gallo has not asked any former RRIICCEE members to continue as part of the group since the end of their 2008 tour ending in San Diego. Instead he has remained the only publicly listed member of RRIICCEE. He has since stated the band has new members and those names will be announced before the next RRIICCEE tour planned in late 2010 dates..



  5. We Love Vincent Gallo.


    I hope the 2010 tour becomes a reality.

    The best live performance I've ever seen was RRIICCEE in 2007

  7. Also.
    The gear Mr. Gallo used was breathtaking.
    Pure Aesthetic Beauty

  8. ALSO

    Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band (Thurston Moore / Kim Gordon / Lady Gaga?! / Rza / Vincent Gallo) October 2nd at The Orpheum, Los Angeles CA.

    Like $75.... retarded.

  9. all info on his films!!

  10. thabks!

    "On his website in the merchandise section Gallo is selling his sperm and sexual fantasies as conceptual works. Gallo’s Internet art questions celebrity, procreation, ego, social agenda, and views of religion, race and sexuality. These public offerings are motivated by extreme sensitivity, concept and thoughtfulness, however their presentation appears crude and offensive. Misinterpretation of this work is common and Gallo is often incorrectly categorized as a racist, sexist, homophobe."


    There's news in the comments... hello - opportunties to POST

  12. found this. and now am trying to find if there was a press conference in Venice.

  13. he seems really down to earth and soo funny... i wished i could talk to him like that.

  14. anyone find any images or anything about this films first screening in Venice? Twitter is going crazy with saying he makes a woman breast feed him at gunpoint.

  15. first review that i found.
    That arch provocateur Vincent Gallo is back. Not once but three times. Expect the Lido to start trembling.

    To come over the next three days, we have his own directorial efforts, short film The Agent, and competition entry Promises Written In Water, his first feature since the much-maligned The Brown Bunny.

    But first there is an acting performance in someone else’s movie – Jerzy Skolimowski’s Essential Killing. And, it must be said, what a performance.

    He plays Mohammed, a member of the Taliban who begins the movie by firing a rocket launcher into three American soldiers in Afghanistan.

    As he runs from the scene of the crime, a US helicopter rains bullets down on him before he’s captured, interrogated and then transferred into Europe.

    Handcuffed and blindfolded, and wearing one of those familiar Guantanamo-style orange jumpsuits, he’s bundled into a truck – only for it to run off the road.

    From here on in, Essential Killing is all about Mohammad’s escape through a snowy wilderness.

    It’s the ultimate survival story, as the character gets chased by dogs, tumbles off a cliff and is forced to eat ants and a raw fish to survive.

    There’s even a scene where he’s so desperate for food, he launches himself upon a buxom mother breastfeeding her baby by the side of the road and begins to suckle. Eew.

    Mohammad is no Rambo, which is what makes his desperate attempt at survival fascinating. But what really will blow you away is the film is almost without dialogue.

    Either alone in scenes or unable to communicate with anyone, Gallo has no lines at all. Only the words of US interrogators and soldiers are left ringing in your ears.

    Really, the film is a sensory experience. The bearded Gallo shivers, yelps and screams his way through the film in what may be his only chance to ever play an action man.

    Quite what point Skolimowski is making is open to debate, given he offers little by way of commentary on the US invasion of Afghanistan.

    Yet he directs it with such pacing, precision and power, this story of just how far a human will go to survive is unquestionably gripping.

    Now we just have to see what Gallo will deliver when his own film screens tomorrow. Brace yourself.


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